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Bridging the Gap #3

Workshop 3: Thursday, September 16th, 10am EDT OR 9pm EDT (Join at time best for you.) Topic:Bridging the Gap – Next Gen Workshop 3 – Partnering in the MissionZoom Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88356824295?pwd=M3JZdzVCSk1HTENGU2tpc0twdkhOQT09 Passcode: 578655 The ICOC Next Gen Task Force is excited to present the third and final installment of the “Bridging the Gap – Building Intergenerational Partnerships” series on Thursday, September 16th. The first

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Devotionals & Articles
Pat G

Fighting Worldly Influence

By: Emily Hartman THE STRUGGLE: Every day there is a spiritual battle and every decision is a moment to choose to make Jesus Lord instead of allowing the world to influence our hearts, thoughts, minds, and actions. This was very hard for me, a natural people-pleaser, to learn and is still hard for me to

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Devotionals & Articles
Pat G

Choosing Your Friends Wisely

By: Victor Richman THE STRUGGLE: Part of being a Jesus follower is standing out, and I completely dropped the ball in my first couple years of high school. Going into high school I decided that it was more important to be liked by peers than to be pleasing to God. I changed my mentality from

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